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nmsua fall schedule 2017

New Mexico State University at Alamogordo promotes their classes being offered this fall.


Riverside theater
summer 2017

The Riverside Theater Summer in the Park is the theater’s summer season. Showcasing MacBeth and The Bombitty of Errors, an original production, this program booklet creatively incorporates the promotional poster in its layout/design, color palette, and organization of information.


city of carlsbad
public works

The Water Department of the City of Carlsbad publishes this report annually to educate its residents on the safety of their water source. This important document gains a modern and visually engaging aesthetic, utilizing industrial and real-life photography.

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76 Ocean florida

76 Ocean Florida is a GIADC design team that works closely with its papers in Florida. This branding guide details not only the appropriate usage of the team’s signature but also showcases the team’s diverse skill set.


chicago tribune
guide to retirement

This guide offers advice from Morningstar financial experts
on how to save and prepare for retirement.


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